Don?t scratch or pick at your wounds. You know–those sore spots either in you or on you?!

What happens when we pick at our sores?  When it starts to heal, it often starts itching. When it itches, we scratch. When we scratch, the sore will either get inflamed, start to bleed or take longer to heal.  And guess what?  It leaves scars, too.

Inwardly we have wounds, hurts, sore spots and lies of Satan (thoughts that aren?t true, deceptions set in our minds). Those hurt places nag at us and make us think of ourselves. By mulling over the hurt, the fear, the insecurity and the expectations, we scratch that wound and make it ?larger than life.? Sometimes these hurts can even result in a lack of hope and faith that it will ever resolve. These hurts may even cause relationship problems.

But, dear one, corral these ?pop up?  thoughts.  Don?t  allow them to grow. Make them a ?red flag.?

Consciously turn your thoughts from the problem ? the hurt, the sore, the wound ? to the Problem Solver, the one Who is Healer and Savior, the one Who is in control of all things.

He says that His yoke is easy, the burden light (Matthew 11:30) and that we are to cast our burdens and anxieties on Him, for he cares for us (1 Peter 5:7) Why do we hang on to these wounded thoughts? Is it habit? Does it ?work? for us? Is it like an old familiar friend that is dragging us down instead of lifting us up?

I want you think about this. ?By His (Christ?s) wounds, you have been healed (1 Peter 2:24). That is past tense. By Christ?s wounds, your hurts and wounds have been healed already. The past is gone, He has healed it.  We have a choice on how we will think. We can look to the Healer when the red flags rise, or WE CAN CHOOSE to scratch the itch, make it hurt until it bleeds or believe the lie that Satan is planting.  Do we enjoy sitting in the miry clay? Another verse:  ???and with His stripes, we are healed? (Isaiah 53:5). Notice the tense of this verse. Present tense. That means today ? right now ? we are healed by His stripes. Do we BELIEVE it? Are we walking victoriously and thankfully in it?  We can walk victoriously and thankfully in it, through Christ?s power and strength. For all things are possible with Him. May you sense His power today. He is God, after all.

Blooming Victorious