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Register The Sponsoring Ministry For Your OIC Group(s)

Benefits for registering:

  • Get 100 Overcomers brochures free
  • Facilitate networking with the home office and between groups
  • Include your OIC ministry in our web directory
  • Enable us to make referrals to you (unless your group is closed)
  • For registered jail & prison ministries ONLY: legally print unlimited copies of the Overcomer?s Handbook PDF

Use the form below to register your ministry with Overcomers In Christ. Note that all OIC groups require a sponsoring ministry in order to register. Please contact us if you have any questions.

You may also wish to review our Group Leader Training Resources and Quick Start Guide.


Registration Form

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    Terms and Conditions

    As a sponsor of O.I.C. Groups we will:

    • Support the Overcomers In Christ Statement of Faith (can be read at bottom of About page, here).

    • Carefully screen and select group servant-leader(s) with at least two years of recovery/spiritual growth.

    • Encourage group facilitators to follow the Guidelines found in the Overcomer’s Handbook (Pages 244-245).

    • Utilize Overcomers In Christ material in group meetings.

    • Respect that the name Overcomers In Christ (as well as other OIC trademarks and logos) are the sole property of the founders and their designates in order to preserve the identity and integrity of the ministry. Therefore, we may only use the trademarked name Overcomers In Christ to publicize OIC resources, ministry, and groups. To avoid confusing the public as to who and what is directly affiliated with OIC, we may not use their trademarks or logos on business cards, checking accounts, etc.

    • Acknowledge that that we are not a division, section, or department of Overcomers In Christ but that we operate independently. We accept the responsibility to recruit, screen, and oversee all volunteers and staff involved in our OIC program. We indemnify and hold OIC harmless from liability claims by or against our church or ministry. We acknowledge that we are solely responsible for establishing and carrying out any policies that we deem necessary for the safety of all concerned, and agree to comply with applicable statutes, regulations and laws.


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