You're not alone on this journey.

Vacuous or Victorious

You want to live a victorious life but waste it on things which are vacuous? My eyes were glazed and my lids heavy. After spending a couple of hours watching TV with my hubby the other night, this $20,000 word popped into my mind. Although it was nice to sit next to...

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Identification Theft — What Is Your ID?

 What is your ID? You know, your ID ? identification. With what or whom do you identify yourself? How do you describe yourself, identify your gifts, talents and abilities? Do you know what they are? Do you use them? Are your clothes, your possessions, your talk, or...

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Don’t Scratch Your Inner Wounds

Don?t scratch or pick at your wounds. You know--those sore spots either in you or on you?! What happens when we pick at our sores?  When it starts to heal, it often starts itching. When it itches, we scratch. When we scratch, the sore will either get inflamed, start...

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