• What is Overcomers In Christ?

    We are a nondenominational, faith-based ministry that empowers people to overcome hurts, hang-ups and life-controlling habits. Our mission is to lead people to a life-transforming relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. We provide recovery resources that are biblically sound and user friendly. We network with others to help them establish Christ-centered Overcomers groups where people can experience God’s love and truth.

  • Experience Victory

    Would you like to experience victory in your daily life? Jesus said, “Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” No problem is too big or too small for Him. We welcome you to experience the comfort and hope we have found in Jesus Christ. There is no charge to attend Overcomers groups.


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  • Testimonies

    “I’ve used Overcomers In Christ material for the past 17 years in every facility in which I’ve served. Overcomers In Christ addresses recovery by centering on the problem, not the symptoms. Inmates discover their reason for living as they find their identity, acceptance, and purpose in the Lord Jesus Christ. Christ-centered recovery means dealing with relationships and feelings, and the Overcomers material makes that easy. It is very evangelistic and opens discussion to the realization that true recovery means allowing Christ to control every area of our lives–spiritual, physical, mental, emotional and social.” Chaplain Alan Wood; Evansville, Indiana

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