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From Justin Michael, singer/writer:

“Eyes on You” came out of a painful experience as I looked at my circumstances
& began to feel hopeless & depressed. This song reminds me to keep my focus
on God no matter what I go through. He has brought much good out of the trials
I’ve had, including this song. I hope it encourages & blesses you as it has me.

VERSE 1: Lord, when even for a second, I take my eyes off You,
The world gets so much darker, and I don’t know what to do.
So Lord, help me stay focused, on what I’m here to do.
Lord, help me not grow weary; please keep my eyes on You.

CHORUS: My eyes on You, with Your help I choose,
When I lose my focus and can’t see
To keep my eyes on You.
My eyes on You, it’s what gets me through
When life’s storms crash against me,
Lord, Keep my eyes on You.

VERSE 2: So what am I here to do? I’m here to live for You,
To make my life a blessing, to do all that I can do.
With Your power working through me, to bless others’ lives,
Pointing others to the one who, conquered death and now lives.

BRIDGE: Though life is still not painless, it becomes so bearable
When You share my heavy burdens, and bring comfort to my soul.
Lord, not just in the valleys, but on the mountains too,
Cuz when life seems so perfect, You know I still need You.

All glory to God! Copyright, ᄅ 2013 Justin Michael JM