Is it possible to reinvent yourself? Can you recover and walk in freedom from trauma and abuse?


I remember starting at a young age what would soon become an addiction. I had been an outgoing, happy

child. That changed when my father died, and I became a hurt and confused child. All I remember, as I grew

older, is drinking, smoking, and going from relationship to relationship, I experienced abuse from toxic

relationships, heart break, anxiety, and depression. DARKNESS.


I’ve tried going back to being who I was before it all. Reinventing myself.  It’s not possible. I became

very quiet and kept to myself during those years. I’m not saying it’s impossible to go back to being happy

and outgoing, but It’s going to be different. It is different as I come into joy instead of happiness that depends

on circumstances. It is different by being outgoing but still protecting my heart.


Everything has changed. But as I grow in wisdom, I realize that it’s better to grasp who I am now than

to be who I was before. became a wounded child. Now, I’m an adult with scars, wearing them proudly

to help others. With God’s help, I reinvented myself and you can too. Of course, I’m still healing and

growing because recovery takes time.


You too can be free! You don’t have to be defined by all the hurt you’ve been through. “If the Son sets you

free, you will be free indeed.” John 8:36


CH Ruth